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Karen Douglass

Career Transition Coach
Tel: (631) 398-0937



As someone who just began a new career path as a franchise owner, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on my journey to this point and say a huge word of thanks to Karen Douglass of The Entrepreneur Source.

I had lost my job of 16 years in a corporate restructuring that eliminated my position.  I eventually received a phone call from someone who found my resume posted online to ask if I would be interested in discussing the possibility of a future as a franchise owner.  I had never thought anything about being a business owner as I always assumed it was out of my reach.  But since my job search in the traditional market was not going too well, I decided to take the call and at the very least get a little information.  I sure am glad that I did.

I was introduced to Karen and she immediately made me feel comfortable.  Her approach was that of absolutely no sales pitch or pressure.  I never felt like she was trying to sell me anything.  She asked a lot of questions to learn about my experience, my strengths, my philosophies, my personal and financial situations and what I wanted in my next career opportunity.  She stressed the importance of keeping an open mind until I had gotten enough information to make an educated decision. 

After many weeks of conversations, she recommended 3 different franchise opportunities that she thought matched up well with my needs.  All 3 interested me to varying levels, and I took the time to explore them all, with one of them quickly rising to the top of the list.  As I explored those opportunities, we stayed in touch and continued to talk weekly and she gave some sage advice as I walked through the process and did my due diligence.

Once I had decided that I wanted to move forward with one of the opportunities, Karen put me in touch with several financial service companies to discuss the different opportunities to fund the franchise purchase.  I ended up using one of them to take out a Small Business loan and purchase the franchise.

Four months after our first conversation, I have just completed the initial training and have been awarded my own franchise.  I can now control my own destiny in my career and will never be put back in the situation that I was in when she reached out to me.

I appreciate the guidance she gave me every step of the way.  Her approach allowed me to consider something that I though I could never do, and then actually make it happen.  Everything went very smoothly, and I can’t help but feel that my story is exactly how the process is meant to go.  I now consider her one of my peers and mentors.

Thank you Karen!

Randy Heffner                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Harrisburg, PA


Thank you, Karen!

“I really enjoying the process and can’t wait to get home from training to start working full force. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into helping me find this opportunity! I can’t tell you how you have blessed my family and enriched our lives through making this connection. I appreciate your kindness and helping spirit as I wandered through the discovery process.” 

Caleb Flor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Hatboro, PA

"Creating self-employment opportunities is not easy, and it is quite scary, especially for some of us who have enjoyed cushioned jobs, good pay and great benefits. However, it seems that there are no jobs that are secure forever and people find themselves in a crossroad; to look for another job or to start a business. The same happened to me. My coach from The Entrepreneur Source clearly displayed the difference in lifestyle and overall benefits of self-employment that motivated me to ask him to be my coach during the transition.  Her coaching approach and execution was exactly what I needed. I have learned a lot about business startup and franchising and most of my fears were removed after real life examples and solutions were presented to me. She made my transition a lot more fun and less stressful than if I tried to go through it on my own." 


"Changes are not easy, but sometimes we have to make changes to achieve our desired lifestyle. I found that working with an Entrepreneur's Source coach was not only educational, but also comforting, based on her rich experience in this area. I hope that others who are looking to make a change realize the importance of the experienced coach to help them thorough the process."


"Transitioning from a 26 year life working for Corporate America to owning your own business is not an easy process.  You probably have been thinking about this for a very long time as it was my case, but having the courage to actually do it is a different story.  When the opportunity knocked on my door and I decided to take the leap, I had the fortune to meet my coach and count with his coaching and mentoring advice through the decision making process.  My coaches' experience, structured approach and genuine interest, helped me rationalize this process by narrowing down my spectrum of alternatives to those that better fit my interests and aptitudes and provided me with a structure to analyze and evaluate those alternatives objectively."


"After twenty+ years working in corporate Human Resource roles across multiple geographies I woke one morning feeling that I was no longer revved up to continue in the same rat race that I had chased for the last twenty something years. I had to find something more rewarding, more challenging, more engaging and more provocative than the day to day grind. I wanted to own my business but I didn’t know where to start. By chance I found Franchise Match, a site sponsored by The Entrepreneur’s Source, a coaching franchise whose purpose is to help individuals like me find a business opportunity that suited me. I was assigned to my coach who educated me through a discovery process of several businesses that he had specifically chosen for me based on my interests, earning expectations and lifestyle."


"My coach helped me through the Validation phase where I got to learn about my business options first hand. She taught me how to evaluate their ongoing operations through a series of guided phone interviews with existing business owners and ultimately helped walk me through the negotiation phase with the business that I had selected. I am on my way to what I know will be a successful enterprise. My goal is to build this business into multiple sites and into a very successful business. I couldn’t have done it without my coach or the Entrepreneur’s Source."  


"I first met my coach when I was in transition after a long corporate career and considering the start of my own business. My coach brought with her a great amount of business knowledge and experience, which enables him to easily coach others. Throughout the process of considering a franchise she was always encouraging, thoughtful, thorough and patient. She kept the process moving forward, has a good sense of urgency, and even keeps things light with a great sense of humor!"


"Thanks to my Entrepreneur's Source coach I have now had my business open for a little over a month and the learning process that my coach has given me during the past year with the plethora of knowledge that she possesses will in the future still be helpful. I would have to say if anyone out there is interested in becoming a franchise owner you WILL need a coach and at The Entrepreneur's Source you will not go wrong. I would also feel comfortable in saying that had I not came on board with my coach I would maybe still be trying to get my business off the ground."